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ABOUT Big Blue Teen Center

Why do you call it 'Big Blue?'

Creating a teen center in our community has been the dream of several on our team for quite a while. A few years ago we set up at a nearby location and began inviting teens to an outdoor showing of meaningful movies each Friday evening. A large screen was built and a huge tarp was stretched over the seating area. It was a big blue tarp. So, we called the Friday night event "BIG BLUE";  We also want to convey the vision we have for the youth and the great relationship that awaits them with the Creator of the Universe! A life full of possibilities lies ahead of them, and the God who can be known by every young person has an adventure-filled plan for their life!  It's as big and limitless as the Big Blue Sky. Start the adventure now!



Meet the Team

We are a dedicated staff of volunteers that serve our community by investing in the youth of our community!

Stephen Shook has lived in West Virginia since 1993 as a part time resident and since 2012 as a permanent Baker, WV resident. He has been involved in teen centers and teen ministry for most of his adult life. He also owns a residential construction company known as RARCO Contracting, Inc. Steve's been married for 48 years to a fantastic woman who teams up with him in many endeavors including pastoring and multicultural missions work. They have two daughters who are successful entrepreneurs and  business women. They are thrilled to be part of the Big Blue Team.

Chris & Christine Montgomery have been married for 21 years and have 3 wonderful boys. Christine grew up here in Wardensville and graduated from East Hardy High School. She says she 'married her best friend.' They are members Wardensville Assembly of God where Christine serves on the Praise and Worship team and help out in the Children's Ministry. Chris is an electrician and often working out voltage issues for many of Big Blue's events. They are happy to be part of Big Blue and to be able to reach out and minister to  teens.

Interested in Helping Out?

We are always looking for folks to help us out! We need volunteers in all capacities from supervision on Saturday nights, to bringing food, to helping with the bus ministry. Please contact us today if you'd like to help our community in this valuable way!

Rev. Robert Oakley is the pastor of Marvin Chapel United Methodist Church and Wardensville United Methodist Church.  He and his wife, Linda, have been married for twenty years.  They have worked in teen ministry at all of their churches, from hosting cookouts at the parsonage, church lock-ins, driving the bus, and teen quizzing.  Pastor Oakley is the Treasurer for Big Blue Wardensville, Inc. 

Shanda Walker is the Assistant Principal at Moorefield Elementary School. She is a mom of 3 and has a love of Christ that she can't wait to share with others. This love has led her to become Co-Leader of the Core Team at Big Blue. 

Amy Tubbs currently serves as the director for Camp Paddy Run in Star Tannery, VA and loves all things outdoors... except spiders. She has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years. Some of her favorite camp memories are kayaking or paddle boarding with teens on the Shenandoah River. She's excited to be involved in Big Blue because of its 'small batch' discipleship approach.


Keith Jones heads up the bus ministry for Big Blue and enjoys his time volunteering at Big Blue- especially playing basketball, volleyball and ping pong with the teens who frequent Big Blue on Saturdays. Keith moved to Wardensville in 2021 after retiring from the US Army Corps of Engineers in DC. He was a civil/environmental engineer and has lived in a number of states, including Arizona and Alaska. His work took him to some interesting places, including Afghanistan in 2011 and 2015. Keith believes our youth and teens truly represent our future and will continue to work to foster their patriotism, health and well- being.


Big Blue Wardensville

Connect on Facebook: @bigblueWardensville

Instagram: @Big_Blue_Wardensville

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