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Be A Leader 2-4-23

Here's a recap of last Saturday's lesson. We are in the second week of our lessons on the disciples, and we talked about being a Leader. A leader is someone who takes charge of a group of people, or a leader could be someone by himself. For example, it could be someone who chooses to be different and not follow the crowd. The disciple Simon Peter was a leader that loved Jesus. Peter however was also known for his mistake of denying Christ. We will learn more about this in another lesson, but Peter made it right and was forgiven, becoming an even stronger follower of Jesus.

Our Verse of the Week:

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. “​- Jeremiah 29:11

This verse is often quoted a lot or put in a bio or two, but do you believe it or just hear it?

I say God has a purpose and plan for you quite often in hopes that you just don't hear it but you actually start to believe it. Believing it means living for Jesus and trusting Him with your life, knowing His plans are greater than ours.

Our passage in the Bible: Luke 5:1-11

  • This can relate to us because Jesus gets in our boat, He is the type of God that wants to help us in our situation even when it's messy.

  • Jesus tells Simon to put down his net and Jesus will tell us to put down things like a grudge, anxiety, hurt, etc. It might go against all logic, but Jesus wants us to trust Him and realize He has got everything under control.

  • Simon did it because Jesus said so and he caught an abundance of fish. Jesus will bless us for our obedience to Him.

  • Simon tells Jesus to go away because he felt unworthy to be in his presence. We must realize that isn't true because Jesus went to Simon first.

  • Jesus tells Simon to not be afraid and that He was going to be a fisher of men. Sounds confusing and I am sure Simon was confused too. Jesus had a special plan for Simon to spread Jesus' teaching. (Bible)

  • Simon's response was that he left everything behind to follow Jesus. Jesus calls us to follow Him, but we must leave our past behind us to embrace the life Jesus is calling us to live in front of us. There is freedom when we ask Jesus for forgiveness for our past mistakes.

The Clip of the Chosen:

Be sure to come next Saturday for our Valentine's Day-themed lesson! :)

Written by Abbey

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