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Be Eager 1-28-23

We started a new series last Saturday about the disciples. In case you weren't there, or you were, and you didn't understand the challenge I talked about because I'm not the best at explaining things. The challenge is each week for 12 weeks we will have a different disciple and Bible verse and if someone can tell me the verse and disciple we talked about the week before there will be a reward for everyone. Here's the catch it has to be for the whole 12 weeks, and it has to be a different person memorizing it. If you miss a week, I will summarize the lessons and place them on this blog.

A disciple was a person who followed Jesus and learned from Him. They would later be sent on missions to spread the Gospel. The first lesson we learned about Andrew and the lesson was titled be eager. When you look at the word eager it means excited or having a great desire to do something. Andrew was one of the quieter disciples, he didn't write any books of the Bible and was only mentioned less than 12 times. Andrew however was eager to bring people to Jesus. It just goes to show you don't have to be loud or in the spotlight for God to use you for something great. Jesus didn't have perfect cookie-cutter disciples that got everything right they were people just like us.

The verse of the week was Matthew 22:14 "For many are invited but few are chosen". This verse is saying God has invited everyone to have a relationship with Jesus to have salvation but the ones who are chosen are the ones who receive Jesus into their heart and life and make Him not only their Savior but their Lord. It's our choice if we want to be the "chosen".

The main Bible passage we looked at was John 1:35-41. This passage is the first time Andrew met Jesus and spent time with Him. After that encounter, the first thing Andrew did was tell his brother Simon Peter that he saw the Messiah.

Here's a clip we showed from the Chosen: (1) Andrew Tells Simon About Jesus - YouTube

In this scene, Andrew is eager to tell Simon Peter about Jesus, ​but Peter did something that people tend to often do. Peter allowed his problems to get in the way. We need to remember that our problems are not bigger than God. When we pray for change in a bad situation and it feels like nothing is happening maybe God first wants to change you, your perspective, your thinking, and your heart.

Written by Abbey

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Feb 08, 2023

This is great! Thank you!

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