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New Year, Same God

This year even though it's only been a little less than three weeks is going to be a great year in God. I believe that and I pray you believe that with me.

I (Abbey) got to spend my New Year in Honduras with my family that I haven't seen in over six years. Their New Year celebration was different than what I was used to, let's just say I still have ringing in my ears from the fireworks they set off all night long. I can't forget the roosters that woke me up every morning. My favorite part had to be a few moments before 12:00 am, my family and friends (around thirty of us) crowded into my Grandma Cato's house and prayed.

My Grandma Cato passed away about five years ago, she was a prayer warrior, a woman of God, and led many people to Christ. I couldn't help but think about her and her inspiration that encouraged everyone in that prayer circle that night. Even though she is gone her God isn't, everything she did wasn't because of her own strength or power but because of God. God used her because she put Him first.

While I was in Honduras, I was able to preach at the church my family attends. Preaching at that church was truly an amazing experience. A verse that I mentioned in that sermon was Matthew 6:33- But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Seeking and putting God first is important in your everyday life because when you do that it shows God that you want to grow in your relationship with Him. Seeking means you want to know God and you want to find God. When you seek God with all your heart the promise, He gives is that you will find Him. The question you need to ask yourself is where is your heart at?

This question can put your life into check completely. Whatever you treasure that's where your heart is, I encourage you to start treasuring God this New Year. New Year, Same God is a phrase that you tend to hear often but the truth behind it is powerful. Meaning this is a New Year where we are going to be given new opportunities, experience new things, and face new challenges. No matter what we face God is still the same, His promises are the same, His power is the same, and His Word is the same. We can stand firm in this truth.

I am excited about this blog and hope to post consistently about many different things to encourage, inspire, impact, and maybe even give you a laugh.

Happy New Year~ Abbey

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