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Sunday Cool 1-22-23 Recap

In Sunday's lesson, we study the book of Daniel and its relevance to today's Christian life. Daniel 1: 1-21 Daniel and the other three were ripped from their homes and taken to another country. Babylon was a pagan country, and these 4 Jews were told to learn the Babylonian language and customs. When told to eat food against their religion they had faith in God to rebel, and trusted in God to know God would deliver them in this situation! Faith and trust in God for salvation by reading God's word, allow the Holy Spirit to give you the knowledge and wisdom needed.

Daniel 3: 1-30 As Christians in a world ruled by evil, we must be like the three young men and not “bow” to the pressure of the non-Christian world. By refusing to bow to the statue they said that they had faith that even if they lost their life God was still their savior. Think of the fact that we serve a God that not only saves us from the fire he is in the fire with you! The miracle of the furnace is made even better by the fact they did not even smell of smoke! My thought on this passage is the difference between them and us is Grace! Think about this if you are saved and you sin what allows God to still walk with you in that fire? GRACE!!! The Grace of Jesus paying for all our sins!

Daniel 6:1-28 The takeaway from this is that sometimes when you're on top and things are going well satan will try anything to drive you away from God. So, know and trust God's word so that in all situations, the Holy Spirit will guide and enlighten you. Also note that even after being told about the new law Daniel did not hide to pray, he opened his window and prayed, in doing this he said I put my faith in God! As a Christian in a world that is against us with things like “cancel culture” and social media pressure. We must stand strong in God and not give in to the pressure to conform, we are called to be a light in the darkness.

Written by Eric Miller

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